'Healthy China: Women's Health Promotion' Project Launche

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The launch ceremony of the Healthy China: Women's Health Promotion Project sponsored by Health Times was held on May 4 in , south China's .

The ceremony was attended by Tao Maoxuan, former deputy director of China Health Education Center.

Tao said, "According to the findings of the 2017 White Paper on the Health Status of Professional Women in China, 75 percent of the female population is in a sub-optimal state of health, and 64 percent of female respondents went to the hospital at least once in last year."

He added that most working women suffer from many kinds of health problems such as back pain and memory loss.

Many experts at the ceremony expressed their views on women's health.

Yin Dakui, former vice minister of Health and honorary president of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, said women's health involves not only themselves, but also their family and even the entire society.

Li Chenyu, deputy editor-in-chief of Health Times, said paying attention to the health of women is the same as to paying attention to the health of a nation. Promoting women's health requires the joint efforts of our society as a whole, explained Li.

The project will invite well-known experts to visit major cities across the country to conduct health lectures and free checkups on women's health, covering education, disease screening, charity, health management, health surveys, and international exchanges, said organizers.

(Source: guoqing.china.com.cn/Translated and edited by )