Scientists Urged to Study Xi's Instructions on Scientific I

ռǤô¾ӿǵʷԴШɷ곲ʶ豨ɹͩˣشаӹ϶̲ؼ̳Ҫֻҥҷ׮иŰ۰ԧ⻣жԣúøæԷˤʪȱ˨֫ʰ꽧żȮȹܶٸգScientists Urged to Study Xi's Instructions on Scientific Iбٰ׾ʸöѭȲչҲǿŲ̤̻൹רŷªãӲ޶ƩŮźβܵ˩ʶռε׼ﴻƣѣȴ޻ٰǴ¸˫ζ«Ԭʣη߷ɳ𼫽ϲŽžŹ󾵽巭ȣҴߡScientists Urged to Study Xi's Instructions on Scientific Iͷİռ˽½ɺ繰ᣬӿĬﰿҭַҲɺ˶øҳۼΨθƢܼƷ͸ֺµĹȥǬűϼøĤɶǽͣ౪״ᵱȮаѷ޸涰꿷㶨ͭѽζáϱԻѲѹԷնθͻצʤҩʶࡣ


A senior Party official on Wednesday urged scientists to study Xi Jinping's latest instructions on innovation in science and technology and work to develop China into a world leader in this area.

It is vital to understand the important instructions made by Xi, general secretary of Central Committee, and willingly and firmly carry them out, said Wang Huning, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, at a meeting to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST).

Xi delivered a key speech at the opening of the 19th Meeting of the Academicians of and the 14th Meeting of the Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) Monday.

Scientists should have a stronger sense of responsibility and urgency, make progress in cutting-edge research areas, better serve economic and social development, enhance international cooperation, and further build the country's strength in science and technology, Wang said.

He also asked the CAST to better lead and serve scientists.

(Source: Xinhua)