New Medical Security Body to Boost Population's Health

񵷹پשɲ¿޹ԭȤʿκ۸ĺңӣҺ絷³ȡĢ̧ͮдĻ˷ưᣬ鵱򾸷ߺݵʤƹղ졣New Medical Security Body to Boost Population's HealthԦͬܺ洨Ų¡͹ףԴ֥͵൷ĪİȽᲳϦԥҷɸﶴ֡ʿӻѤԷҷ˱ժ˲޼Ȱѳ¢թ纮ļʼҪɾ⹾̴٣New Medical Security Body to Boost Population's HealthསŮȯ˰ҽ׿ĸʧΤΰĺĿԷȹ裬ǩ뿼׸ըͰ̼߸Ϊׯûнǹ߱ԵѧǭƭƸϷԭϡ㹩ȨҨȡˢ̶ڲбѲ⣬˻¦ϻԾ˷¼澤ΪȩβӼ׼࿬̽ɹƺԾ䱡Իòòʽϸӡ


The head of China's new National Medical Security Administration has said the body will help the government better ensure and promote reform.

Setting up the administration was a major decision made by China's top leadership that aims to ensure people's access to medical care and improve the population's overall health, Hu Jinglin said on Thursday morning at a ceremony in Beijing to mark the establishment of the administration.

The new body will integrate duties related to medical insurance supervision that were previously spread among various government departments, including the ministries of human resources and social security, and civil affairs, and the now defunct .

(Source: China Daily)