CPC Adjusts Regulations to Suit Institutional Reform

ҰŷɹҬȫѼ̳ѷ͹Խԡаע࿾ѳиȼٺãǴϺקӫŶǶԽȧͫˡղӤ屯ɸ㻸̸̡۸ܷ봻īյձѸޣԷ¼񸬹ˬ̼Ѷáϳ崡ƻ⣬CPC Adjusts Regulations to Suit Institutional Reform鼨ι츷淾ŬʿǻݺÿͣçýҰȽ֥ݹɶʾķѯĮӻд踩ɮ񡣲ʮլƩŷ˦Ӵ綵Ӯȭԧ̶ϯĻñե谺ŵ칦ϳƺյ˼𷳣ſصپѹðͬܿιªŢϵӷޣCPC Adjusts Regulations to Suit Institutional ReformէʸҶԶ»׽𵡴ð

The Central Committee of has moved to sort out its rules and regulations to make them comply with the reform of Party and state institutions.

Three rules and regulations will be abolished and 35 others revised, according to a decision of the CPC Central Committee, made public on Tuesday. The move helps solve the problem of contradictions between Party rules and the reform, smoothing its implementation.

The decision called on Party organizations at various levels to do the same.

The reform, adopted at the third plenary session ofin February, is massive in scale, affecting a number of entities in the Party and the state structure.

(Source: Xinhua)