Balloon Carnival in Happy Valley to Celebrate Children's Da

˧ϼϹҵ֣̼׳Ҹ괪Ů̯ϹնԮҵжŬ޶ƻνбźɹǯѻԲ߼ԳἷƻħٰĶӲַ̢˹ܰȭ׭ԡBalloon Carnival in Happy Valley to Celebrate Children's DaھϲԥӤλŸȰӸٳеȼåĽФȺ޹ùɶϳԶʾ׸ӶƬ£۸ַɾӯ갵ּٵչЯײƦѷʲ߰ƺʩףҽ¶ڽ²涥ɪܸտҲ浹աѼͤƣתصҷӸԮ๱պھ̥ݡϳϺ𴹰ͳ߷ƪҨƱѷ塣Balloon Carnival in Happy Valley to Celebrate Children's DaȽžƳΪӾӱӦ塣ש͡ƫ޳ġдϿȪÿþɴթɣв׸쳨ոϤ̩ξʲԼҡ


With just around the corner, is to create a world of balloons with over one million balloons for children in its 10,000-sqm Fantasy Ocean Club.

Visitors can enjoy an assortment of fun activities such as blowing balloons and a balloon show from June 1 to 10.

Additionally, the theme park in Shanghai’s Songjiang district will offer discounts for visitors. An adult who buys one ticket will be able to bring in a child under 1.4 meters for free. Each child will also be gifted with a themed balloon.

Visitors also have the chance to enjoy a magnificent 18 minute water show which will entertain visitors with water, music, lasers, 3D videos, and pyrotechnics.The light and water theme show is designed by ECA2. The company has a reputation for staging high quality water performances and has participated in 60 large-scale performances including the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games.



(Source: China Daily)